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VZBL80067 , UPC Code :
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  • New textured finish.
  • Unique graphics on a brightly colored Eye catching ball
  • 32 panel MST Soccer ball
  • Reinforced rubber bladder for best air retention
  • Close-stitched technology.
  • Does not include Pump. Ships deflated.

10 reviews for Vizari OPTIMA MATCH NFHS

  1. Juan

    My daughter has tried a ton of different gloves and these are the only ones she will wear. They support her fingers, are &#34,grippy&#34, and don’t cut of circulation to her fingers (which a lot of gloves do). They do wear quickly, but she plays competitive soccer most days of the week. However, the wear is worth buying a new pair every season for her to have the confidence she does in goal, and for her to be able to move her hands the way she needs to. She keeps one pair just for practice. We had even tried other Vizari FRF ones and the Pro Keeper stays at the top of her list. She is 13, currently wears size 8, and has been using them year round for the past 3 years. Pic is start and end of seasons. 5.0 out of 5 starsMy daughters only choice!

  2. Maxwell

    nice durable gloves my sons played 2 seasons with them indoor and outdoor on antraveling team. He loves these gloves

  3. Max

    These gloves are built to last. The velcro is very strong and the rubber padding held up very well. We had an issue with one glove strap breaking but Vizari replaced the gloves. Great customer service. Worth every penny. Would buy this brand again.

  4. Jasper

    Daughter plays competitive club soccer. A pair of these gloves will usually last her an entire year. She will not settle for anything else, she likes the padding and the protection the gloves provide. As a parent you can?t beat these gloves for under $20. Buy with confidence. 5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome value!

  5. Gavin

    I have noticed that my son now catches more shots with these gloves. The foam is thick and sticky. Especially if you consider the price. The fingersave is also a bonus. It is not too stiff and it forces him to keep his hands relaxed as well. I told him I never had a pair of gloves this nice until I was playing in High School.

  6. Adriel

    Great goalie gloves. Nice padding to absorb power shots. Palm of gloves have just enough to them to help the goalie grab the ball in the air. Also, the fingers have plastic in them to help protect your goalies fingers. The goalies parents will appreciate the extra protection.

  7. Zion

    More durable and much better quality than I had expected for the price.

  8. Kaiden

    Good for the price

  9. Calvin

    Im a high school goalie for my school and I’ve owned theese gloves for 2 years now and they only broke when a kid kicked my hand and I didn’t feel a thing but the plastic snapped inside my pinkie finger. My finger didn’t feel a thing so they work super well

  10. Bentley

    I have used them for about 10 games now and there is still grip on them. There is however a small tear between my pinky and ring finger, but its not distracting or uncomfortable. The wrist elastic makes it easy to put on. You wont be struggling for minutes trying to put the second glove on once you already have the first one. There is only one velcro thing on the wrist thus is not as tight on your wrist when you have them on.

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