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Model No. : VZGL80003

Top quality junior glove. Features a soft Duplatex foam palm. Fully embossed EVA backhand. Elastic wrist closure with EVA wristband.

  • Top quality junior glove
  • Features a soft Duplatex foam palm
  • Fully embossed EVA backhand
  • Elastic wrist closure with EVA wristband
  • Sizes run from kids 4 to an adult 10
  • Can be used by kids and adults.
Weight 1 kg

10 reviews for Vizari JUNIOR KEEPER BLU/WHT/BLK

  1. Maximiliano

    These were the perfect “starter” goal keeper gloves for both of my kids when they decided they wanted to try goal-keeping. I didn’t want to spend a lot on high quality gloves if they didn’t want to stick with it, but they needed something to protect their hands and assist them in gripping. These were the great for just that. My son now has a higher quality pair and I purchased another pair of these for my daughter to try out. You won’t get more than a season out of these, but for the price, I wouldn’t expect to get much more than that.

  2. Kaden

    At roughly $11.00, these are a good purchase for a pair of goalie gloves that will only see two or three seasons at most before they’re grown out of. I’m impressed with the quality so far. The padding is thinner than traditional goalie gloves but it’s sufficient for children. Nice color and good grip material. Also, fairly priced in my opinion. Size 5 is a good fit for an 8 year old, just to give you a better idea of glove size.

  3. Kash

    Bought for use in 2nd grade league… I think mostly because they’re not used to using a goalie glove… and the glove didn’t breathe well…. but the ones that used it, loved it.

  4. Lane

    Given how quickly kids outgrow sports equipment and clothing, it seems crazy to spend too much on some items. I was looking for some inexpensive, but reasonably decent quality gloves for my 3rd/4th grade girls soccer team to use. I considered these a 1-season purchase, but after rigorous use it looks like I’ll be able to keep on using them next season, and possibly beyond. Since the kids hand sizes were all over the place, I was concerned I’d get something too small or too large, but I found that none of the kids complained, even the ones with smaller hands. In the end, they just like having the gloves on when they’re in the goal, so getting a size that fits most kids (even if it’s a little big on smaller kids) is the best option I think.

  5. Bryan

    I am a u8 soccer coach. And all the kids love these goalie gloves I only have 1 kid whose hands were too small for them. She still caught every ball that came her way. My older daughter who is in u10 also has a pair of these and loves the way they feel.

  6. Riley

    I bought these for my son. He loves them and won’t play without them. Now all his friends and relatives want to get the same gloves. I found that the material quality was very high but without the high price of most other gloves I looked at first. Pro tip, Wet them to get a better grip!

  7. Zane

    I was wary because of the price, but also willing to try them because of it. They have turned out to be great, and the kids I coach really like them. They are put together like normal gloves (“negative cut” goalkeeper terms) which gives them less surface space for stopping shots, but feel much more natural for young players not used to bulky keeper gloves. I’ve only used these for one season of futsal, and for the keepers on my teams without their own gloves. So, I can’t comment on durability or grip on wet soccer balls. For information, the kids using these were U11 competitive boys team and a U13 rec girls. For older competitive teams, I think you might want something with more structure and protection from harder shots. For anything U8-U11, these are excellent.

  8. Louis

    My daughter is 9, but a pretty serious goalie (usually 2-3 practices and a game every week). She wore holes through the palms of the old pair of gloves (from Adidas) in just a couple of months. Because of that bad experience, we decided to see if we did any better with a different brand (I wasn’t enthused about buying four pairs of gloves every year) and so far, these seem promising. She likes the fit and feel, and after most of a season worth of games, there’s still very little wear on the palms (I have her wearing the old pair for practices still). I’ll update if they wear out faster than I think they should, but so far I’m optimistic that they not only work well but are also more durable than the old pair.

  9. Aidan

    Team gloves at u10 level. Held up well through one season. Used a bit in practice and half of games. Look nice. Still going strong Update: Have held up well now for 2 seasons and lots of different goalies.

  10. Paxton

    These are great for young, beginners. I would only use these for children under 9 or in a non competitive league. They were perfect for my 6 year old to play at the YMCA but they do not have enough padding for more solid or aggressive plays.

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