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VZBL91550 , UPC Code :
Model No. : VZBL91550
  • New textured finish.
  • Unique graphics on a brightly colored Eye catching ball
  • 32 panel MST Soccer ball
  • Reinforced rubber bladder for best air retention
  • Close-stitched technology.
  • Does not include Pump. Ships deflated.
Weight 1 kg

10 reviews for Vizari BLOSSOM PINK/BLUE

  1. Emiliano

    Daughter absolutely loves the ball and it was a big surprise for her. She doesn’t even have to put her name on it. As for it coming deflated, kids have other balls(soccer,volleyballs,basketballs) so I already have a pump cause that’s something you should own when your kids play sports that have balls that need inflated.

  2. Dean

    I must have missed it in the description or just not used my common sense but the ball did not come inflated so I had to ask a fellow soccer coach for a pump so my daughter could use her ball. That is the only negative thing I have to say though! Good ball overall!

  3. Alex

    The ball was beautiful, my 7 year old grand niece loved it. Clue, though, don’t let a 15 year old brother blow up the ball…he put in too much air and when he kicked the ball to his sister – well, I guess you could say it blew up! Sister was devastated, what’s to be done…that’s simple – ORDER ANOTHER ONE and don’t allow older brother near it! Accidents happen, it wasn’t a problem with the ball or the manufacturer…just an over-zealous brother trying to be helpful. The real point is that she loved the ball and was very excited about it and she’ll love the new one too!

  4. Graham

    Very cute and unique design so great for soccer practice when all kids bring their own ball. Different unique design helps her find her ball and she loves the flowers on it.

  5. Abel

    Super cute little soccer ball that my almost 4-year-old adores. Quick shipping and solid condition.

  6. Tristan

    This is our dog?s favorite ball! She digs her teeth into it, throws it, and we kick it around. The first one lasted two years, our dog loved it so much that in the final year she finally got the pink layer off. We were surprised it lasted that long. She?s now enjoying he r second ball.

  7. Finn

    My 4yr old daughter and all the girls on the team love this ball. Its beautiful and bright. No way she could lose it on the field, it stands out from all the other balls. She’s used it at 11practices and it still looks brand newKeep in mind when you get the ball its deflated. It appears lopsided when you first blow it up but once the material gets use to being stretched it straightens out. At least that’s how it was for us, anyway!

  8. Antonio

    nice girly soccer ball that doesn’t give your kid nightmares about kicking its best friend #stopbullying #don’tkickyourfriendintheface

  9. Hayden

    I was worried about some of the reviews, ball popping, etc. I lubricated the needle with some spit, inserted it into the ball fully and made sure to only inflate to the recommended pressure and it works great. If you are using a bike pump with a gauge, you shouldn’t have any problems.

  10. Brody

    My daughter is a total princess who loves sports and this ball is a great product and design that allows to show her girly side while playing sports. She has the matching cleats and shin guards. She is 5 and is proud to go to soccer with this set. They come in lots of different patterns and colors for each kids taste and are reasonable priced. My son has the ball, shin guards and cleats in the flame design. It is a great way to add personality and fun to soccer gear.

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