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Model No. : VZGL80076

3MM duplatex latex foam palm. “V” notch wristband for easy access. 8 pre-curved protection sticks (F.R.F). Excellent training glove.


10 reviews for Vizari AVIO (FRF) BLUE/GREEN

  1. Damien

    Bought these and Adidas gloves for 9 year old. These offer much more protection and less than half the price. The one downside is that they don’t breathe at all. On warm days, their hands immediately start sweating.

  2. Jett

    Great value for the money, especially when you see the freakin’ absurd prices Adidas and Nike and the like charge for something verrrrry similar. My boys have had zero problems with these, and seem to really like them.

  3. Andre

    I had been looking for cheap training gloves with finger saves and had stumbled across this glove. I know for the price I am not getting anything out of the ordinary so I bought the glove with low expectations. When the glove first arrived the material used on the palm was very slippery and it was a stiff glove but I figured it I went out to a turf field and ruffed it up a bit, that would change. It did. The glove became more loose and flexible and after a full training on turf it had no breaks or rips. It does not have grip but that is expected for a cheap glove and I only had gotten it for training. This glove is a great glove for training or youth level and is well worth your money. Update: After the 4 training and kick arounds on turf the glove has no rips or tears and the palm is in perfect condition.

  4. Kairo

    I am pleasantly pleased with these gloves after half dozen games especially for the price

  5. Zander

    I bought several gloves at once and my son choose these because the palm was not slippery and it was easier to hold the ball ?grip? vrs the others that were too smooth in texture.

  6. Chance

    Used them for the first time tonight in an indoor game of soccer, found them to be comfortable and firm at the same time. Time will tell how durable they are, but so far so good. Update, gloves are still holding up well but I noticed in my second and third game the grip is gone and is difficult to catch the ball cleanly, guess I’ll be puching everything.

  7. Crew

    Purchased these for our 12U girl?s rec soccer team. Bought the size 8 and they are great for my girls. I did measure my hand before I purchased so that I?d have a good idea of the size I should buy. I am very pleased with these gloves. They are extremely helpful in catching the soccer ball and gives the girls extra confidence in being goalie. They have splint like things on the backside of hand that helps the fingers not get bent backwards. They double the size/surface area of the players hands. Money well spent for my soccer player and her team.

  8. Colin

    This have been excellent to date! I am using them for an adult indoor soccer league and I have not been let down! They are sturdy, wrap well around the wrist, and provide great padding with control.

  9. Cohen

    My grandson loved receiving these for Christmas. I appreciated instructions on how to measure for size because I didn?t have a clue. They fit like a?well, glove. He was thrilled with them and I was proud of myself for getting it right! Score another one for Grandma!!

  10. Hendrix

    These gloves are the real deal — with quality and features usually seen in high-end gloves. That is both good and bad. The palms are soft foam. With a little spit they grip quite well. They are meant to catch/grip a ball and stop a shot. They are not landscaping gloves and will not hold up to the punishment of falling on one’s palms or aggressive training. They are match-quality gloves. A well-trained GK with good technique would do well with these — but they are priced at the entry level GK who is likely to have very different needs/expectations (as some of the reviews would indicate). I think they are probably best suited to an experienced keeper who wants ‘disposable’ gloves to use while training (until they wear out). Even so, they are a present for the aspiring goalkeeper in my family and I’ll happily give them to her knowing that she’s getting a quality glove (and I don’t have to worry about her trashing them.).

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